About us

We are an independent publishing house which specialises in history books, biographies and autobiographies in the form of interviews. Dedicated to excellence, our purpose is to publish books that appeal to a broad cross-section of general readers, as well as to academics, students and researchers.

We now have four lists active: Sentieri, dedicated to great historical events; Vite (biographies), which aims to illustrate historical events through the life stories of their protagonists; Ritratti, dedicated to interviews with distinguished contemporary figures; and Extra Small, which publishes short cutting-edge essays as well as the series History in 100 dates.

We are guided in our selection of titles by an advisory board of scholars drawn from the University of Pisa. We are nationally distributed by Messaggerie and our publishing output is available in digital format through Amazon and Kobo.

We released the first book-interview by the renowned novelist Dacia Maraini – whose books are translated in more than 20 languages. The book was written together with Scottish Professor Joseph Farrell from the University of Strathclyde and also author of the book-interview with actress and play-writer Franca Rame, Non è tempo di nostalgia, published in 2013 and reviewed – among others – by Catherine Moorehead, Times Literay Supplement.

We can count on a press release that includes every major Italian media source, such as Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Stampa, il Sole24Ore, L’Indice dei Libri del Mese.