Giorgio Petracchi

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May 24th, 1915, after ten long months of tension, diplomatic intrigues, political conspiracies and mass demonstrations, Italy entered the war on the side of the Triple Entente. Giorgio Petracchi reconstructs the national background and the international events that led to Italy’s painful decision to sever her roots in the Triple Alliance and to go to war against her former allies.

On Sunday May 9th 1915, early in the morning, Giolitti arrived by train at the Rome station. He had left Turin among the whistles and arrived among the whistles. A crowd of nationalists escorted him to his house, shouting «Down with you, Giolitti»! To the King Victor Emmanuel III Giolitti exposed his arguments against the war: the weakness of the national economy, the lack of confidence in the country’s hold, the poor preparation of the army. There was also a fourth, and it concerned international morality: the worst thing of all to break the treaty and the word given. «Well – he remarked – if only we had a good name; but we enjoy a very bad reputation, and we will remain dishonoured in history».

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Publication date: May 2015
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Giorgio Petracchi was professor of Contemporary History and History of International Relations at the University of Udine. He is the author of several works on the history of diplomacy.

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