Ettore Cinnella 

About the book

An authoritative account of Stalin’s rise to power and the creation of his totalitarian state. A compelling and eloquent chronicle of the years between the two world wars. 

Based on original documentation, the book narrates the rise of Stalin after Lenins death, up to the complete construction of the totalitarian regime and the war with Hitler.

With an evocative prose, Ettore Cinnella recounts the tragic events of those years (collectivization, the Great Terror) as well as the landmarks of Stalin foreign policy: from the relations with Western democracies to the alliance with Nazi Germany. 

The result of Cinnella’s profound research, which was conducted for over a decade, is a remarkable and documented narrative on how Stalin managed to create a ruthless and absolute autocracy, where no one was sure of his life, not even the highest officials, or the members of the intelligentsia

An extraordinarily powerful narrative. 

A key study of one of the twentieth century’s darkest, and longest-misunderstood, regimes. 

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Cover price: 32,00 euros
Pages: 764
ISBN: 978-88-96209-43-1
Rights Held: WORLD
Publication date: January 2022
Category: non-fiction
Audience: general and academic


★★★★★ “Ettore Cinnella is one of our greatest experts in the history of the Soviet Union.”
Corriere della Sera

About the author

Ettore Cinnella – former Professor of Russian & Eastern European History at the University of Pisa – is a nationally acclaimed author and one of Italy’s greatest experts in Russian Studies and the history of the Soviet Union. Among his books: 1917. The Russian revolution, and Ukraine. The forgotten genocide 1932-1933

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