Franco Andreucci 

About the book

A single-volume study of the whole of the Italian Communist party’s history.

The book offers a comprehensive overview of the party from its foundation in 1921 until its dissolution on 3rd February 1991. In this accessible text, Franco Andreucci explores the vast and tragic universe of Italy’s most popular and controversial party: the clandestine activity during the fascist period, the Stalinist purges, the resistance movement, the political struggles during the First Republic.

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Cover price: 20,00 euros
Pages: 468
ISBN: 978-88-96209-13-4
Rights Held: WORLD
Publication date: May 2015
Category: non-fiction
Audience: general and academic


★★★★★ “Andreucci gives us a well-documented work that has the advantage of a cultured, pleasant, precise prose, with some notes of irony.”
—Dino Messina, Corriere della Sera

★★★★★ “Both passionate and learned.”
—Sergio Luzzatto, Il Sole24Ore 

★★★★★ “Andreucci’s book tells the story of the ICP with an almost cinematographic rhythm.”
—Luciano Donzella, Il Tirreno 

★★★★★ “Franco Andreucci tells the story with passion and competence.”
—Diego Gabutti, Sette Magazine

★★★★★ “Franco Andreucci has definitively closed the parable of the Italian Communist Party in 400 pages.”
—Fabio Galati, La Repubblica

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About the author

Franco Andreucci was Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Pisa. He was Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute and lectured at the University of Barcelona, Chicago and Melbourne. He is the author of numerous studies about the history of the Socialist and Communist movements. He lives between Florence and Chicago.

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