Fabio Guidetti 

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One hundred dates to recount the fundamental stages of one of history’s greatest and most powerful empires, which united under its rule peoples of every race and religion and spread its civilization to the most remote places in the world.

Fabio Guidetti, archaeologist and historian, tells in 100 memorable dates the history of the Roman Empire, from its spectacular rise to the inevitable decline and fall: from the victory of Augustus in the Civil War until the invasion of the Italian peninsula by the Lombards. An indispensable synthesis to sail across the main protagonists, battles, political events, significant reforms, architecture, and literary works of imperial Rome, whose influence and appeal worldwide last to this day.

Foreword by Arnaldo Marcone.

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Cover price: 11,00 euros
Pages: 196
ISBN: 978-88-96209-24-0
Rights Held: WORLD
Publication date: July 2016
Category: non-fiction, Ancient History
Audience: general and academic

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