Ettore Cinnella 

About the book

The Russian revolution of 1905, which was a truly pivotal moment of modern Russian history.

The book brings to life many long-forgotten protagonists of the revolution, whose names where buried by the Communist victors of 1917. Based on original sources, 1905 gives an extraordinarily detailed and lively description of the enthralling world of Russian society at the turn of the century in prose so vivid the book reads like a novel.

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Cover price: 24,00 euros
Pages: 542
ISBN: 978-88-96209-0-11
Rights Held: WORLD
Publication date: October 2008
Category: non-fiction
Audience: general and academic


★★★★★ “An in-depth and complex analysis of the Tsarist Empire on the verge of collapse.”
Corriere della Sera

About the author

Ettore Cinnella – former Professor of Russian & Eastern European History at the University of Pisa – is a nationally acclaimed author and one of Italy’s greatest experts in Russian Studies and the history of the Soviet Union. Among his books: 1917. The Russian Revolution, Ukraine. The forgotten genocide 1932-1933, and Stalin’s Russia. The creation of the totalitarian state

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