Antonio La Penna

edited by Giovanni Niccoli and Stefano Grazzini

About the book

An original and fascinating contribution to the reconstruction of fundamental moments and problems of Italian historical-philological culture between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Through the recovery of the extensive material produced by Antonio La Penna from the 1960s to the beginning of the 21st century, two of his distinguished pupils succeeded in building a complete collection of essays and interventions he dedicated to the history of philology and classical studies in Italy between the 19th and 20th centuries. As emerges from their enlightening introduction, Stefano Grazzini and Giovanni Niccoli masterfully accomplished an enormous effort to bring a variety of topics together into one comprehensive resource, that reflects the breadth of La Penna’s cultural and scientific interests.

Within the book, considerable space is devoted to the relationship between German and Italian culture in the field of classical studies during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In particular, the influence of German philological science on the birth of Italian philology is investigated, as well as the anti-Germanic reaction of illustrious classicists such as Giuseppe Fraccaroli and Ettore Romagnoli. A
number of contributions are intended to clarify the process of modernization of classical studies and, in general, of public education in Italy in the aftermath of the Unification and the function played by the main social actors (schools and universities, cultural institutions, journals, publishing houses). Another topic of inquiry is the cult of Romanity before and during the Fascist twenty-year period, to which masterful pages are dedicated.

The first volume will soon be complemented by a second one, in which critical profiles of scholars of different orientations and disciplinary backgrounds are outlined, including the eminent personality of Giorgio Pasquali.

Antonio La Penna (1925), Professor of Classics at the University of Pisa and Florence, is a renowned authority on classical literature. He is the author of over six hundred publications on Latin literary culture and the fortune of classical antiquity in the modern world. He wrote monographs on Horace, Sallust, Propertius, Virgil, and Ovid.

Stefano Grazzini (1967), Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Salerno, has worked extensively on Latin literature, editions of scholia on ancient texts, exegesis and reception of classics, linguistics.

Giovanni Niccoli (1949), after graduating in Classical Studies from the University of Florence, has worked in the publishing field (Bollati Boringhieri). 

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